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Outdoor Storage Pricing

Outdoor storage is uncovered, and prices range from $100 to $140 per month based on size, location and surface. Please call for pricing and availability.

Indoor Storage Pricing

38' long x 14' wide:  starting at $415 per month
42' long x 14' wide:  starting at $450 per month
80' long x 14' wide (pull thru): starting at $825 per month

Photo of 80 footer.jpg

Why store your RV indoors?

  • Protect your paint job from fading 

  • Avoid an expensive roof replacement

  • Prevent your tires from cracking

  • Huge plus when selling your vehicle

  • Security: not visible to would-be thieves

Why store indoors with us?

  • 24 hour access

  • Doors are electric and large (12' wide x 14' high)

  • Keep your battery charged - electricity at no extra cost

  • Monitored gate access along with 42 security cameras 

  • Clean facility with a friendly, attentive staff

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